As we approach the Japanese release date of March 19th, we’re treated to the last trailer and a new commercial for J-Stars Victory VS.

With just over a week to go, the Japanese Bandai Namco Games YouTube account has been updated with two new pieces of J-Stars video content. The trailer they’ve added contains over twelve minutes of knock-down, drag-out preview goodness, while the commercial is a quick 15-second spot which tries to cram as many short clips and screens into 15 seconds as humanly possible (along with the box shot you see above and 15 more seconds of “click to subscribe” nonsense).

Have a look, here’s the trailer;

…and the commercial;

Let us know how hyped you are in the comments.

  • WhyWai

    English release is out of question. I wonder will there be a Chinese version. seem like a trend these day. Works for me too… ^^

    • Umar Jahangir

      Battle Stadium D.O.N released in English, so not entirely out of question.