F K Digital, the developer behind PlayStation Mobile action game Mononoke Slashdown, has announced that they plan to bring puzzle game CatsBlock Vestival to PlayStation Vita this Spring.

The CatsBlock brand originally saw release on mobile and social network platforms in 2011 and Vestival itself is an expanded version of CatsBlock Timeboom, a Facebook version of the game. CatsBlock Vestival will include new puzzles and additional content also.


With little known about the PlayStation Vita version of CatsBlock, we can only suggest that the gameplay will be similar to that of the Facebook version. In this version, you are tasked with matching three of the same type of CatsBlock to accumulate points. Points are also awarded for chains and meeting other criteria. This all adds up to help you climb the leaderboards, beating your friends in the process.

Although details of CatsBlock Vestival are thin on the ground, we do have footage of these crazy cats in action in the Facebook version (CatsBlock Timeboom) of which the Vita version is an expansion of;

Although announced for a Spring release, there is no news yet on whether this title will see a global launch. As soon as any further news regarding CatsBlock Vestival is unveiled, The Vita Lounge will be sure to pounce upon it and keep you posted!

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks like a cute match three game. PS Mobile or Vita proper, is my question.