Developer E-Line has announced Even If You Tell Me To Work HD for PlayStation Vita, with re-tuned parameters and upgraded graphics.

The Vita release of Even If You Tell Me To Work HD has been updated with touch screen controls, trophies, and a photo gallery. The game has a unique premise where instead of saving the world (the typical scenario), you’re a young loser with no job who sends warriors to do actual work.

psp to vita


Pictured above is the character Lilum, showing both the before (PSP) and after (PSVita) shots of the conversion for its new release.

E-Line plans to release the game in Japan as a 1,500 yen (~$14.50) PlayStation Network download on March 26th.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds like an interesting premise. I wonder if the game part of it lives up to the idea. Probably, seeing as how it’s getting re-released and HD’d.