Revealed back in December, Falcom have this week unveiled new information regarding upcoming PlayStation Vita JRPG Legend of Heroes:Trails in the Flash II

This weeks edition of Japanese magazine Famitsu has seen a flux of new information revealed about the game, first up is that characters Toval and Claire from the first Trails in the Flash game will be making a return as party members in this sequel. Toval has a custom-ARCUS that has the ability to launch multiple Arts at once, with Claire receiving a new set of clothes.

We are also told that players of the first game are in for a huge surprise in an early part of Trails in the Flash II. This surprise sees the secret of Emma Millstein, the chairwoman of Class VII, revealed. As well as this surprise, we may see characters from past Legends of Heroes games make an appearance, with the game slotting into the series timeline taking place around the end of The Legend Heroes: Trails of Blue.

Featuring over 20 party members, Trails in the Flash II also sees attacks, running motions and NPC character models all given a revamp. We will also see several new key characters, many returning characters and more options to select in the ‘bonding’ system which also makes a return from the first game.


Falcom also tell Famitsu that amongst Trails in the Flash II‘s new features is a new equipment system, new Arts with a number of elemental attributes and the ability to visit any city in the game just by walking to it. On top of this we will see an improved ‘Link System’ and a feature that will enable you to revisit the story from Trails in the Flash.

To top all of this off, players that have played the original game will be able to transfer save data to Trails in the Flash II and come release we will see DLC costumes released.

As always, as soon as any more information regarding Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II is announced, The Vita Lounge will be on hand to keep you updated!

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    I really wish these games would come out in the west.