htoL#NiQ (which stands for Hotaru no Nikki or Firefly’s Diary) is a new action title coming to Japan this June.

Earlier this year, Nippon Ichi teased a new game with a website that had t h i Q N L o # floating in the middle of the page – now we’ve got confirmation that htoL#NiQ is actually a Vita title, and it’s on its way to Japan in just a few short months.

htoL#NiQ is an action game where you’ll be controlling a firefly who leads around a young girl with a horn called Mion.  In the game you’ll be visiting ruins where enemies dwell in the shadows; getting caught by these enemies or any of the various traps you may encounter will result in Mion’s death and it’s your job as her guide to get her through the environment safely. 

The game will be available digitally for 3,086 yen (~$30 US) or you’ll be able to get a premium retail release with an art book, soundtrack, and badges for 5800 yen (~$56.30 US).

htoL#NiQ will be released in Japan on June 19th.

  • WhyWai

    Vita really picking up it’s pace in Japan.. I hope same would happen in western sphere… O.O

  • Maqhusson

    Haven’t seen anything, but this reminds me of ICO