Compile Heart continues to pump out the goodies for PlayStation Vita as they’ve announced Destroyer Trillion for Sony’s premier portable system.

According to Siliconera the newly revealed game is a role-playing-game that comes courtesy of Disgaea 4 director Masahiro Yamamoto and follows a young male protagonist of the same name as its title. In addition to the main character a half dozen demon lord girls will also join the fray, though few more details have been revealed about the plot thus far.


An alternate translation by Gematsu of an article published by Dengeki Online suggests that players will in fact take up the role of “Demon King Zeabolos”  who perished at the hands of the titular Trillion, leaving the protagonist thirsting for revenge.

After reaching a deal with a mysterious girl name Faust for another chance at life in return for his soul, the Demon King is once again planning to go toe-to-toe with his enemy. With the aid of the aforementioned demon lord girls – each of which is said to represent one of the seven deadly sins – he will attempt to take down his foe and settle a score that goes beyond the grave.

Additionally it has been announced that the game will take part in, and be the first title of Compile Hearts’ Makai Ichiban Kan series.

It also appears that Destroyer Trillion will be available as part of a limited edition retailing at ¥8,800 that will come packaged with an art book, soundtrack and a bundle that will include no less than seven short stories.

Destroyer Trillion is planned for release later this year in Japan.

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