Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia (SCEJA) released a new batch of screenshots for Freedom Wars, showing off the character customization options.

Both your character and their android partner have a wide variety of customization options, as you can see below. Characters can be male or female, change their hair, clothing, colouring of items, proportions, height, voice and more (as seen on the top toolbar in the screens which show customization). Voices can even be further augmented using the text-to-speech option we’ve talked about in the past, allowing you to (for example) customize and deliver lines to your android partner which they will “say” in a voice you’ve chosen.

Here’s the gallery of screens for you to parouse;

There were also some renders and a group shot (with unannounced characters in shadow) that were released;

Freedom Wars is set to release this Summer in Japan. While it hasn’t been announced for the West (yet), we’re confident it’ll make its way there sometime in the future as well.

  • Darkologia

    am sold on this game since the first trailer