We get a glimpse into the social as a bunch of screens and details from Sword Art Online’s multiplayer appear.

While Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will include single player, it’s the multiplayer that most are interested in (especially considering the fact that the anime series was first and foremost based inside a MMORPG).Thanks to the official website of the game (and Siliconera) we’ve now got some new multiplayer goodness to share.

In multiplayer you’ll be able to form a party of four players, with each player able to bring their partners along for the ride (making it a party of eight total). Those who don’t want to be hassled with actually socializing however will be able to bring along four partners instead (making a party of five). Both of these scenarios are shown in the above screens.

Speaking of partners, if you’re having an issue with the game being too easy or too hard, you can always adjust their AI. Hollow Fragment will not only allow you to adjust the look of your partners, but how intelligent they are as well – allowing you to take on harder fights or make the fights harder by relying more or less on your AI help.

As for where you’ll be fighting, we’ve got a bunch of screenshots to show you there too. Hollow Fragment contains different kinds of fields and battle areas in which you can encounter enemies – ranging from literal fields, right up to snow covered ruins and futuristic digital battle grounds.

Have a look at some of the locations you can find yourself in;

There’s also a special area with a terminal that allows access to the different game areas called the “Hollow Console”. As well as allowing travel between areas, it’s the terminal with which you create and join multiplayer games.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is set to release April 24th in Japan, Tyler and I will be here drooling over it in the meantime (no news yet on a Western release).

  • Darkologia

    Man i hope this game will be localized, looks like tons of fun

    • lrdalucard

      It comes 18 July for us :3

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  • Himanshu Goel

    This is one game that absolutely needs to be localized, I’d do anything to be able to play SAO!

    • lrdalucard

      It comes 18 July, for USA its already available.

    • DarkLink_123

      localized in the us for 19th of august and localized for uk for 20th, sorry bout 5 months after so you may already know.