The PlayStation Blog is a place of giving, and this time we’ve been given a brand new trailer for Metrico.

Metrico is about “using input to shape the infographics around you and solve puzzles”, which sounds pretty unique if you ask me. The blog post indicates there will be six worlds, each world having its own shapes, infographics, colors, music, mechanics, challenges, typography, and animation – each of which will tie closely into the world theme.

Here’s a great quote about how the game evolved and how it works;

“When we started out, we thought Metrico was mainly about infographics and finding out what to give as an input to solve puzzles. But when we played around with PS Vita and all of its hardware features, it became clear that the game is not just about solving puzzles.

Metrico is a lot about the player and his or her physical presence while playing. With all the hardware inputs, PS Vita is the perfect console for this. For instance, Metrico knows how you’re holding the Vita, or how much light is in your room.”

Check out the trailer below, it allows you to choose whether you’d like to see the male or female version (those pictures at the bottom);

The developer states they’ll be back this  Spring to deliver a release date, so keep tuned to TVL and we’ll let you know when you can pick this unique title up!

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks like it will be an interesting puzzle/platformer, But I didn’t like the trailer because it didn’t show any game footage, just some art work. I mean, it’s striking, catches your eye and makes you wonder what the game is about, so it’s doing it’s job… I guess I just wanted more because I’ve had my eye on it for a while. In other words, it’s for people who never heard of the game before. Otherwise, I want to know how the game knowing how you’re holding the system or how much light is around you will come into play.