We get a first look at release details for Freedom Wars; including what will (and won’t) be available at launch, pricing, a specific release date and more!

At the launchof Freedom Wars in Japan, players will have access to the story mode, free volunteer mode, 4-player (local/ad-hoc) multiplayer mode and city-state war mode – the rest of the modes coming via two updates which will appear at a later date. Update number one will contain new volunteers, infrastructure mode (online multiplayer), 8-player multiplayer and player vs player (PvP) mode, while update number two will contain ideology war mode.

Freedom Wars will be available June 26th in Japan, the price of entry set at 6,264 yen (~$62 US) for a retail copy and 5,184 yen (~$51 US) for a digital download. First-print copies of the game will grant you access to a formal wear costume, as well as exclusive great sword and rocket launcher weapons.

  • WhyWai

    Now just wait for western release information next!

  • Lester Paredes

    I think it’s lame that they have to wait for updates to roll out, but that they have to pay for an incomplete game. I don’t know. Perhaps what’s included on the card is a complete game, but it always struck me as odd that these features didn’t make it in to begin with. Still, it worked out well for Dragon’s Crown, so I’ll just bite my tongue until the product is released.