Calling all localization/publishing teams in the West – here’s your chance to fill some niches.

According to Siliconera, Japanese developer/publisher Idea Factory is looking to bring two very opposite games to the West; Moero Chronicle and Amnesia V.

Moero Chronicle is the sequel to Monster Monpiece and the second in the Genkai series, done in the style of a naughty role-playing game instead of the sex-infused card battle elements present in the first title.  The story features Io, an ordinary boy who village elders force to save the world from “monster girls” who are terrorizing it.

Amnesia V is an otome visual novel; a title directed at the female audience, usually with romantic elements intertwined with the plot. It features an amnesia-stricken heroine whose love choice will take you down one of five character-driven game paths, each based on playing card suits (the four traditional suits + “jokers”).

While Idea Factory is first-and-foremost looking for a third party to help bring these titles West, it’s possible that if they can’t find any takers they’ll just release them through Idea Factory International like they did with Monster Monpiece.

While at this point there’s no promise any of these titles will hit the West, if anyone in the localization/licensing/publishing business wants a crack at it they know who to talk to.

As usual, we’ll keep you informed as this plays out – so make sure to keep those TVL tabs open. 😉

  • fatdog21

    These niche japanese games most do pretty good here in the west for vita. U really seein alot of games u wont think they would localize here in the west though the psp run. I guess if the sale 10 to 20k unit here thats great for them.