In the last week, we’ve taken a look at Torri and Fuuko – now we get a look at two more of Conception II’s heroines; Ellie and Chloe.

Eccentric Ellie is definitely an odd one; but she’s got stars in her eyes, a bright outlook and some powerful magic that packs quite a wallop.

Check her out;

We’ve also got Chloe – the brainiac teacher of the heroines who isn’t afraid to let down her hair and have a little fun. She’s also the older sister to your best friend Chlotz, so you’ll want to be careful how you treat her if you value your friendship.

Check her out here;

If you’re itching to play Conception II there’s a demo hitting the PSN next week in North America, and the full game is set to release on April 15th. As for the European crowd, the release date for their full version is still set at Q2 2014 (most likely due to ¬†additional language localization) and we’ve yet to hear about when the demo will hit their store.

For more on Ellie, Chloe and the other heroines keep an eye on TVL – we’ve still got three heroine trailers yet to be revealed.

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, I like the brainy types. She sounds a bit too mature for a teenager, but hey, this is a game about sticking it to hot chicks so our children can help us fight demons. or monsters. Whatever.

  • Darkologia

    looking good