Developers Grimm Bros announce their debut title, Dragon Fin Soup –  a classically-styled roguelike RPG .

According to a new post on the PlayStation Blog indie developers Grimm Bros are bringing their very first title to PlayStation – including PlayStation Vita.

A game about a young girl named Robin who lost her memory a year ago, we journey with her as she rediscovers herself and the world around her. In the process, she learns more about her bloody past, the mysteries of Asura (the space turtle the game’s set on) and even a twisted tale of betrayal and murder.

Robin actually draws her inspiration from Red Riding Hood, though it’s quite obvious it’s simply inspiration and not the entire character – especially when Robin is revealed to be an alcoholic bounty hunter.

Part roguelike and part classic console RPG with a persistent world and story, Dragon Fin Soup is said to play like a mix of Chocobo’s Dungeon and Secret of Mana.  Its story mode focuses on storytelling, character progression, and plays more like a classic RPG; while Survival Mode plays more like a Roguelike and features permanent death. It’s a turn-based game in which the player and their foes take their turn simultaneously, and as such allows for a much more dynamic and fast placed gameplay than other games of its type.

Check out the trailer below;

…and a few screenshots;

Keep an eye on TVL for more news on Dragon Fin Soup as we get it, and check out their Kickstarter page for more information (don’t worry – it’s definitely coming to Vita ;))

  • Lester Paredes

    That looks interesting. I will say that I like the look of the 2D art over the 3D renders, but I tend to lean in that direction from my personal preferences. I hope it’s good, because it’s already looking like it is.