Compile Heart recently revealed a new project called Hell’s #1 House – a new dev-team striving to create hellish-themed games.

First up; Destroyer Trillion.

Brand new development team Hell’s #1 House is composed of┬áDisgaea 4 director Masahiro Yamamoto, Disgaea composer Tenpei Sato, and Mugen Souls artist Kei Nanameda. This crack team of development specialists are proud to bring you the first trailer from their first title under the new label.

Check it out;

Also released with the trailer were a slough of screenshots, showing off the characters set to appear in the game.

Destroyer Trillion is set to release sometime this year in Japan, with no news yet on localization.


  • Lester Paredes

    Looks interesting enough. I like how there’s no uproar over the designs of some of the more endowed ladies in this game like there was for Dragon’s Crown. lol. I guess we pick and choose what to be mad at.