Cellar Door Games‘ designer Kenny Lee has said that Rogue Legacy is planned to be released on PlayStation Vita ‘late summer‘ this year.

Rogue Legacy is a light rogue-like platformer where players have to make their way through a procedurally-generated castle. If you die you come back as the next generation of the character’s family lineage, with better abilities to help in future playthroughs.


Kenny Lee also reveals that there are no plans at the moment to include new game content due to an already tight schedule, “We wanted to add content, but honestly the timeline that we’ve been given is making it really hard. That’s unfortunately a last minute priority

In an interview with Digital Spy at GDC 2014, designer Lee does go on to say that the Vita version will include platform-specific features. These features are due to be added between now and Rogue Legacy’s release. Kenny tells us that one feature is that “The Vita is going to have some touch stuff, but [no details yet]. We still have to go through it – we’re not at that point. There’s a lot of stuff Sony requires, so we’ll have that stuff in there. We’re not there in the porting process yet – they’re still getting the engine fully working.

Another issue discussed was whether the PlayStation versions (PS4,PS3 and Vita) would feature Cross-Buy. It was revealed that it is something the developers are thinking about, but due to the costs of developing the game for each console it may not be free across all PlayStation platforms.


Mr Lee goes on to explain this ‘Because our game was made in XNA and [another studio is] porting it, it’s not like we made the PS4 version, so now the PS3 and PS Vita are zero dollars, they’re all actually really, really expensive. We’re looking into it. We might do Cross Buy but I think we’re going to do, if you buy a version for $15, we’ll get you Cross Buy for $20. But it’s not like a zero dollar thing

Released on PC last year, Lee also reveals that the PlayStation version of Rogue Legacy will be filled with all the features of the PC version, including the most recent update that added boss remixes and bug fixes that were not available with the original title.


With the mid-2014 release date approaching for this interesting looking platformer, sure to check TVL regularly for any news on Rogue Legacy and its release date.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looking forward to this game and getting some sort of clumsy, flatulent descendant to traipse around the castle with.