Tecmo KOEI today released four new gameplay trailers for the upcoming PlayStation Vita title Deception IV: Blood Ties.

In Deception IV: Blood Ties, players are forced to set traps and then lure enemies into these traps to dispose of them. You are given extra points for chaining these traps together into combos and are also scored based on how sadistic, humiliating or elaborate these traps are.

The trailers released today show the various traps in action, and the many different ways you can go about defeating those who cross your path.

With Deception IV: Blood Ties releasing in North America on 25th March and Europe on the 28th March, these gameplay trailers should whet your appetite between now and then. For more information on the game be sure to check Tecmo KOEI’s dedicated website for the game, and here at The Vita Lounge we will be sure to keep you updated with further news and the games review.

Until then, here are those new trailers;

  • Sadistic

  • Elaborate

  • Humiliating

  • Supertrap Combo


  • nonscpo

    I feel somewhat divided on this title, I love how unique and different the gameplay for this game is compared to everything else in the market; however I’m not sure if that alone is worth the $40. I’ve never played any of the games in this series, so not sure if I should pick it up at launch or wait for a price drop. Anybody know if there’s any day 1 launch goodys that are worthwhile?

  • Lester Paredes

    I am torn between getting this or saving my money for a game that rhymes. Deception? Conception? Deception? Conception? Thankfully one of these will have a demo that I can try out before I fork over all of my hard earned money.