We get a much closer look at Nippon Ichi’s upcoming 2D side-view game htoL #NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki.

Announced just recently, htoL #NiQ gets its first screenshots, courtesy of SenpaiGamer.

First off we take a look at the main character and her firefly partners – both regular, and shadow;

We also get a look at some in-game screens and art;

Additionally, it’s been revealed that the game will come in both a limited and regular edition; the limited edition available as a packaged release while the regular edition with be digital only.┬áThe limited edition htoL #NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki is set to cost 6264 yen (~$62 US) and you’ll get the official background music CD, special illustrated box and the official illustration book included with your copy of the game.

Check it out;



htoL#NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki is set to release June 19th in Japan, with no news yet on localization.