Yanim Studios is looking to fund their project RED GODDESS through Kickstarter, and to bring it to the PS Vita, they’re going to need some help.

In this Metroidvania style game, you play as a red-headed goddess named Divine whose mind has become clouded and corrupted by an unknown enemy.  She will have to enter her own subconscious in order to combat the terrors that are haunting her. The developers describe Divines inner consciousness as:

“… a planet within her own mind covered in mountains, forests, caves, and untold dangers. Discovering who she is, who she was, and what she’ll become is our quest, but we soon realize that there’s more to this than we thought. “

The game offers up an interesting mechanic in which you can split the main character in half and take control of one of her two emotional states, either fear or rage.  Each emotion allows for a unique way to play and help in solving puzzles.

RED GODDESS has a funding goal of $50,000 but in order for it to be brought to the Vita, Yanim Studios is seeking $200,000. That seems like quite a lofty goal, but then nothing is impossible if the Vita community can rally together to support this project. They have quite a ways to go before coming close to their goals and time is quickly running out.

Check out their Kickstarter page for all the details and take a look at the game’s trailer below.

  • Lester Paredes

    Saw this earlier last month. It looks interesting enough, and I like the stylized art, but I dunno… Vita stretch goals are always a red flag for me. what if it gets funded but the vita goal isn’t reached?

    • ruefrak

      It’d be nice if Vita was a goal and not a stretched one. I don’t like how far down the list of goals the Vita is, or even the PS4/PS3. Goal after goal is adding to the game and then suddenly the Wii U is a stretch goal? WTF?

      • Lester Paredes

        Exactly. There have been plenty of games I was interested in, but they all shared Vita as a stretch goal. I understand that as a system, Vita isn’t exactly in demand, but a lot of the games being pitched would be perfect for a handheld system. That’s why I have only been able to convince myself to support games that I want to play on PC. Serendipitously enough, the new Broken Sword game I threw money at seems to be coming to Vita too. Already released in PAL countries, I believe it’s going through certification for NA now.

        • André Rocha

          I would only put money in a project I know it will be developed to the Vita from the get go (not necessarily only for the Vita) and not as a stretch goal.