We get a closer look at Mind Zero after Spencer from Siliconera tests an early build, posting his thoughts for us to dig through.

The name of the article gives you a pretty good idea what the game is like, especially if you’re a fan of the Persona series of RPGs. “Looks like Persona 3, but plays like Persona 1” is what Mind Zero is described as – let’s take a closer look at why.

Here’s a pretty important quote regarding the different aspects of attack and defense you must juggle in battle;

“Minds are more like parasites that are fighting for control of your body. The more you use a Mind, the more it consumes you. I found when I played a little bit of Mind Zero I was totally dependent on the Minds. Mind Zero lets you fight enemies either as your character or with your Mind. Kei… isn’t that effective on his own and he only has a fraction of his Mind’s HP. When your Mind is summoned it absorbs damage, but if it’s not out Kei takes the full hit. Minds also deal more damage and give you access to techniques.

So, why bother using your human form at all? Well, if a Mind runs out of MP (short for Mind Points) you cannot summon your Mind. If you want to use techniques you need to stock TP (Technique Points) and in human form you can use Charge to stock those up. The catch is in human form you’re vulnerable and if your LP (Life Points) run out your character is dead. When I fought Baroque Gate, a boss with two demonic creatures stretching out of a door, I juggled these three stats. First, I switched to human form to charge and back to my Mind when I had enough TP to dish out a heavy attack.

Minds have one more ability, Burst, which lets you do two attacks in a row. When you execute an attack the camera pans backwards so you can see your character strike even if they’re human. Mind Zero has elemental attacks, but in the short time I played the game I think the basic strategy was knowing when to charge and reactivate your Mind.”

Sounds a lot like a Persona style battle system that has been augmented to be more dependent on the symbiotic relationship between the Mind and the person, rather than Persona’s heavy lean towards Persona use. The amount of HP between the supernatural element (the Persona or Mind) and the human has been reversed as well, as in Mind Zero the supernatural element has more life and in Persona it’s the human counterpart.

Spencer also goes on to say that Mind Zero is a first person dungeon crawler, making it feel more like the first game in the Persona series instead of the more modern entries. He adds that the build he played had English text and voiceovers prepared, but a representative from Aksys told him that Mind Zero will include an option for Japanese voiceovers as well (an awesome addition, in my opinion).

Mind Zero is currently set to release this Spring, we’ll have more information as it becomes available.

  • Chief

    This will be a purchase!

  • Lester Paredes

    This is shaping up to be interesting. A shame that I hear the story is an incomplete mess… Oh well. I’ve played more than one game for awesome mechanics opposed to it’s laughable plot…