Falcom has revealed that two sub-characters from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash will be making a appearing again in the sequel Trails in the Flash II as playable characters.

Tovar Randonneur and Claire Rieveldt will be expanding on their roles from the first game.


Tovar Randonneur

Tovar is a 27 year old fighter for the Bracer Guild who fights to end conflicts in the Empire as well as try to reform the guild.

Falcom describes him on the game’s website:

“Tovar spends his days as a fighter working for the Bracer Guild, a private civilian support group for the empire spread throughout the entire continent dedicated to things like conflict resolution and investigations. Given that his options are limited for actually working as a fighter within the empire, he teams up with a group of people including Sara, an old co-worker, who work with him to reform the guild as they keep going about their day job. While he knows his way around a weapon, what he’s really known for are his custom orbment techniques, which allow him to quickly shoot off his Arts. Having already known Rean and company from the previous game, he encounters her again, having since been left all alone for reasons unknown, and opts to work with her as well.”*

Tovar2 Tovar 1


Claire Rieveldt

Claire Rieveldt, also known as the “Ice Maiden” is a 24 year old captain in the empire’s army. She is the best they have, and this time the military beauty finds herself in civilian clothes as she takes on a covert mission.

From the Falcom site:

“She operates as a captain in the empire’s army and is highly renowned for being the best they have. Her appearance coupled with her ability to make quick decisions on how to order imperial troops stationed throughout the rail lines nationwide has earned her the nickname the “Ice Maiden.” She was under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Osbourne, but failed to prevent his assassination at the hand of terrorists at the end of the last game. She also Rean and the others in the previous game, having swapped information with them, and ends up helping her out again as she engages in a covert mission in which she dresses up as a civilian.”*

Claire1 Claire2

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II is slated for release in 2014 on the PS Vita and PS3. You can read our original announcement story here.

* A special thank you to Gematsu.com for their excellent Japanese translation of the Falcom website.

  • Lester Paredes

    This game looks cool. I liked the last Legend of Heroes game brought over: Trails in the Sky (or TITS, as the gaming community lovingly dubbed it), but I understand that the story lines for this series in particular are rather complicated. I wonder if it will come across the ocean to our neck of the woods…

  • Jimmy Rustler

    I really hope that Trails in the Flash is the secret jrpg project that Shahid Kamal keeps teasing, Sony’s already localizing it in Chinese. But that would probably be too good to be true.