A feature-filled firmware update is inbound for our favourite handheld – including an upping of the bubble limit, a new calendar app and various other improvements to existing apps.

Here are the changes present in firmware v3.10, which should be available later today now;

Home screen

  • You will now be able to display 500 icons (bubbles) across your homescreens.



  • You will now be able to exchange voice messages. The PS4 has the same feature so you can exchange voice messages with your friends who are playing PS4.

Parental controls


  • Now features the ability to restrict PS Store access, and with a children’s age guide for each level it is easier to find the right level for your children.
  • Information guide for TrendMicro web security.



  • Create gameplay events with your friends and sync your calendar with Google Calendar.
  • Invite your friends to share events by using Messages and Email.

Content Manager

  • You can check and manage Memory Card usage with Manage Content on Memory Card.


  • You will now be able to search for content saved on a connected device such as a PC.


  • You’ll be able to now sort content by size.


  • Rotate Screen Automatically has been added to Photos to control tilt sensor for rotation of images.
  • Freeform has been added to the Panoramic mode selection list.


  • Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically has been added.
  • 30 minutes has been added in Enter Standby Mode Automatically.

All these new features as well as various stability and bug fixes not mentioned can be yours when the update goes live later today right now, as the update is now live.

  • Thulsa

    500 Icons!! I’ll finally be able to keep my 150+ icons without uninstalling.

    • Magnumstache

      Great news for me too. The 100 app limit was ridiculous now they sell 64GB memory cards


  • Mauricio Quintero

    Firmwares ago I remember seeing a YT video of a guy with the music theme black, but do not remember well I think.

  • ruefrak

    An end to the 100 bubble limit. Finally. Uh oh, but now what will the people on the Playstation blog comments complain about? This is great news. I love a good feature-adding firmware and can’t wait until this one goes live. Now I just want them to add support for bluetooth keyboards and allow the Vita to access ad-hoc wireless networks.

    • It’s the Vita, they’ll find something to complain about… 😉

      • ruefrak

        Where’s Kingdom Hearts for Vita? Where’s Kingdom Hearts for Vita? Where’s Kingdom Hearts for… oh, you get the idea.
        Or it will be they want the 64gb card released in their country. First they complained that the card prices were too high, then they complained that they couldn’t buy the most expensive one of all.
        (btw chances are you can buy the 64gb one anyway. Amazon in the US sells it for $107)

  • Fed

    I like the Calendar idea 🙂 Google Calendar sends out automatic reminders so it’ll be useful for organising fun nights on Killzone Mercenary.

  • Lester Paredes

    Firmware updates! My favorite type of DLC!