The Game Developers Conference is always a hotbed of news, and Pocketgamer have managed to grab a hands on with Table Top Racing. Originally developed for iOS and Android as a free-to-play title, the concept in Table Top Racing is to er…race on table tops. Didn’t see that coming eh?

The title was well received on mobiles and the fact that you will be able to purchase the title rather than grinding for coins will no doubt be music to the ears of many Vita owners, although there’s no confirmed release date or price yet. You will be able to purchase coin packs, but Pocketgamer assures us it won’t be necessary with so many challenges on offer.

Also new is being able to control acceleration and braking, something which the mobile title did for you, presumably due to the lack of buttons. We will of course update you as and when we know more. For now, oogle on some screens:





  • Micro Machines on the Mega Drive/Genesis was phenomenal. If this is even half as awesome I’m sold.

  • StarTrekGuy1701

    i just hope there is no AR crap