We get some details about a brand new PlayStation Vita game coming to us from Ecuador (hopefully) before Christmas.

The gameplay focuses on the player latching onto a door and flying away to escape the “rot” of reality, obtaining “drive” to progress further through levels. You’ll have to be careful when nearing walls though, as making contact with any surface may cause you to lose a large chunk of your progress.


Check out a very compelling trailer from early in development below;

After being exposed to a hands-on demonstration of the PC version of the game by the developer Estefano Palacios, Gabe Carey from B-TEN was surprised by the game’s “fluid animation, attractive visuals, and brutal challenges” as he “failed to make his way through each stage”.  Sounds like a brutally unforgiving game, though judging by the trailer it could also be a very interesting one.

Palacios notes that its development was only made possible because of Sony’s Latin American Incubation Program. Recruiters from Sony’s program visited Palacios’ university, finding themselves so impressed that they covered the cost of his development kit which in turn allowed him to publish the game on PlayStation platforms free of charge.

Because of this, Gabe asked if he planned on bringing the game to other console platforms in the future, to which he replied that he doesn’t plan on it – strictly out of gratitude towards Sony for their help (and not in any forced capacity on Sony’s part).

The goal is to have the game out by Christmas, but we’ll of course keep you updated with any news we find in the mean time.