Several users are reporting the update is bricking their Vita, all of which are using a 32GB card. Use caution folks, for now other memory card sizes seem unaffected.

Original Story:

That’s right folks, the Playstation Vita’s latest firmware update is live, though many of the changes are fairly minor.

You can now manage your Vita’s memory card usage, ┬ásync the calender with your Google calender, send and receive voice memos and that 100 app limit has gone up to 500! The full list:

  • Home screen – applications limit increased to 500 icons
  • Messages – voice message functionality added
  • Parental controls – restrict PS Store access by age
  • Calendar – sync Google Calendar, share events with friends via message or email
  • Content Manager – check and manage Memory Card usage
  • Music – search for content saved on a connected device
  • Video – sort content by size
  • Photo – Rotate Screen Automatically option added, Freeform added to Panoramic modes
  • Settings – option to adjust Daylight Saving automatically added
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