Take a vehicle that is part car, part jet, and all stunt machine and race it through a giant floating track in the sky. Throw in some obstacles to ensure that you crash pretty frequently and you will have Jet Car Stunts. Grip Games, along with True Axis and bitComposer, has announced that they are bringing this popular racer from mobile platforms over to consoles.

“Players will control a Jet Car – the combination of a formula racing car and a jet plane that lets them perform nearly impossible gravity-defying stunts, like driving through loops, jumping over incredible distances, corkscrew manoeuvres, drifting near the edge of the racing track, … all of that in supersonic speed.”

The game will feature improved graphics, new tracks, and new game modes. It will also feature asynchronous multi-player to let “you race against the best players wherever and whenever you like,” but that also means you can not race head-to-head with friends.

Jet Car Stunts is scheduled to fly onto the Vita sometime in Q2 of 2014. In the meantime, take a look at the game’s trailer (but be warned, the profanities start flying near the end of the video, so don’t have your speakers turned up too loud).