Defiant Development have just announced that their “Kickstarter-funded, tabletop roguelike deck builder” Hand of Fate is coming to PlayStation Vita (and PlayStation 4).

Hand of Fate is a roguelike card game where your cards come to life for 3D battles, brawling it out in real time. Create your own journey by building up a collection of cards, which are then used to deal out the ingredients for a dungeon that’s “teeming with enemies, treasure, and adventure”. It’s all in the luck of the draw with this one, as your the cards you pull will shape the entire experience.

Here’s a little of what makes Hand of Fate unique, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog;

“Being a roguelike, Hand of Fate’s strength is its nearly endless combination of cards and ways to play. The deck builder lets you determine a mix of combat, chance, and equipment cards for your deck before you set out on your quest. Equipment selection ramps up replayability as the player is introduced to a slew of artifacts, weapons, and armor that modify gameplay. The player has the freedom to choose their cards, but how and when they are dealt out is purely up to The Dealer.”

There are also two images for the game available;

Hmm, sounds (and looks) interesting, don’t you think? It’s definitely not your typical card game.

No release date has been announced for Hand of Fate, but keep tuned to TVL and we’ll fill you in when one becomes available.

  • Lester Paredes

    Probably PS4 screen shots, but still. I like the direction. Kinda reminds me of Metal Gear Ac!d. I dug that, so I will keep an eye out for this one.