A bug-fixing firmware update has been released to address the issue of 32GB PSVita Memory Cards not working after the v3.10 update.

3.12 Tweet

A tweet went out two days ago (March 26th) from the PlayStation Twitter account, teasing a new software update (v3.12) with improved system stability (which we hope includes a fix for those 32GB Memory Cards going awry). The ~120MB update can be downloaded right now via manual update on your PlayStation Vita, though it doesn’t seem to be getting “pushed” to systems like the v3.10 update was.


If you’re of of the unlucky few who were affected by the “32GBs of Death” bug, please let us know in the comments if this fixes your problem – it’ll be useful for others who have the same issue to know.

We can’t see anything else changed in this new firmware, so no need to rush off and grab it if you’re not having issues – it’s not feature-packed like firmware v3.10 was. That said, 120MB is no miniscule update – it might be a good idea to grab this one when you’ve got time, as it may improve other areas of function other than just reversing the “32GBs of Death” issue.

Update; Twitter user @Bones00 has confirmed that this update fixes the issue with the 32GB memory cards.

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, obviously. I was wondering where. So I suppose ‘the internet’ would have been just as useful.

    • RoboAddy

      You order them online.

      • Lester Paredes

        Your commitment is commendable. On the computer? Lol

        • RoboAddy

          You should be able to do it on most devices which have a decent web browser.
          A PC, smartphone, tablet, even your Vita.
          You’ll need a credit card most likely.

  • Lester Paredes

    Thank you! Off I go!

  • Jimmy Rustler

    Amazon is selling them for $105.