Phantasy Star Online 2 from Sega is due to receive a Spring update that will add a whole host of new features to the MMORPG.

Due for release in April, the ‘Bonds that Connect the Future’ update will include a set of five new photon arts and techniques for the game’s characters to acquire which are as follows;

  • Users of the Dual Saber will be able to use Chaos Riser’s tornado attacks.

Dual Sabers

  • A Satellite Cannon can be equipped by characters that make use of Assault Rifles.

Satellite Cannon

  • Sacrifice Bite will be available for swordsmen to wield.


  • An Il Grants photon crystal attack and Il Barta ice crystal attack can be utilised by users of Ice and Light magic.

Il Grants

Il Barta

As well as the above, there is also a new event for you to take part in which will see you defend an area called ‘Mining Base Defensive Mission: Intrusion’. During this event you will have to defeat enemies, including a new enemies such as Vidluda bugs, whilst ensuring that five control areas are kept intact. There will be defensive barriers available to help keep the attacking hordes at bay, but you will need to dispatch these monsters quick as the barriers will not last forever!

PSO2-1Performing well in events like this could earn you a new set of 11 Star gear, including Knight of Volks, a Kongou Lance or a Charge Howitzer.

Charge Howitzer

On top of all this, there are also ‘Super Hard Advanced Quests’ that take place in the Tundra, Underground Tunnels and Floating Continents. Here you can face enemies who will be around levels 66-70, with the chance to acquire 11-Star weapons here such as the Sage Stole wand to Stable, a twin machine gun.

PSO2-2 And if all of this is still not enough to satisfy you, players can kit out their home’s with a bunch of new furniture!


Currently only available in Japan, Phantasy Star Online 2 is due to release in English on PlayStation Vita in South East Asia this year. For any further news on PSO2 as soon as it happens, be sure to check The Vita Lounge!

Until then, see below for a trailer and more images from the ‘Bonds that Connect the Future’ update.

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