Monster Hunter Frontier: GG is getting a new set of tonfas called “Senryuu Kon”, the weapons making their debut in an upcoming update.

You can use the piston-powered, multi-form weapons to vault into the air for melee-based air combos, dig into the ground to stop being thrown back and block incoming attacks – these maneuvers being shown off in the trailer below. The piston-power on these tonfas also enables them to grow or shrink depending on your choice of offense or defense, becoming uniquely useful weapons despite the fact that they offer a bit of a melee handicap.


Monster Hunter Frontier: GG will introduce the Senryuu Kon in its mega update, scheduled to be released April 23rd in Japan.

  • nonscpo

    That trailer and those graphics aren’t very encouraging.

  • WhyWai

    I remember the announcement for this port. feel like Capcom’s trolling Vita fans.. XD