More news on Cel Damage HD, the Twisted Metal inspired game from Finish Line Games, continues to trickle out.

Nikola Suprak from Hardcore Gamer recently got up with the team at Finish Line Games to discuss the progress of Cel Damage HD and get a few new pieces of information.

The game is still scheduled to release sometime in the Spring of 2014, but an exact date still has not been given. Also, while they have let it be known that the game will be cross-buy and cross-save across the PS3, PS4, and Vita, there is still no specifics on price. However, there is a hint that the price could be coming in at “true bargain territory” levels. That could be exciting, and if priced right, it could sell a lot better than most are anticipating.

The big kernel of new information that was discovered has to do with the games multiplayer. The PS3 and PS4 versions of the game will feature local split-screen multiplayer, but there will be no option for an online mode.

The PS Vita on the other hand will be getting no multiplayer at all and will instead have to make do with the game’s single player campaign.  Finish Line Games did say that they would possibly go back and add it in if the game sells well enough and the demand is there.  Of course, that’s usually just the polite way of saying that it’s likely to never happen.

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  • I think I can be okay with that. The game looks cool and I’d never played it back in its original release.

  • Pata

    I’ll probably buy it anyways, but the lack of multiplayer on a game that is so focused on it may harm the sales if the price is too high. Plus, I think it’s a missed opportunity as the game seems perfect for online gaming sessions.

  • Kevin Aaronson

    Well they are going to miss out on at least one (my) sale, its a pretty lame game without multi.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    Dumb move, not even an ad-hoc option. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • Slizarus

    As long as it’s Crossbuy, I’m cool with that, Splitscreen will be fine. And yeah, no online play is a bummer but I didn’t expect it from them in the first place.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    *sigh* The developer says they may consider adding multiplayer if it sells well. But if they want to sell it well, why did they not add LOCAL multiplayer, so that they could study online multiplayer implementation costs afterwards? Since they bothered bringing it on to the Vita, that wouldn’t be asking for too much. This port looks like a half-baked game if you ask me.
    What in the world would justify paying for a game that might not explore Vita’s unique features like touch controls, ad-hoc, Near, etc? Somebody should tell them we already have Sonic All Stars Racing on Vita and it does support online multiplayer.