We get some new information and screenshots for Magica Wars: Zanbatsu, a 2.5D action game where you control a girl who takes on monsters.

Magica Wars: Zanbatsu is an extension of the Magica Wars series, focusing on 47 magical girls that represent the 47 prefectures in Japan. In Zanbatsu you play as Amane Sakaki, a girl who has lost her memories; a magical girl named Maki Inada realizes that Amane is a magical girl too, and gives her both her name and her missions.

Check out these renders featuring a few of the main characters;

Completing missions will fill up your heart meter, giving you the chance to meet another magical girl each time you top it off. Each magical girl you meet has their own personality and you can give them presents to build up your relationship with them, adding a social element to the game as well.

There are also a bunch of new screenshots to check out;

Magica Wars: Zanbatsu is a free to play title on the Japanese PlayStation Network, and is available now.