Kadokawa GamesRPG Natural Doctrine, due to release this week in Japan, will feature an online card battling game mode.

In this game mode, players can create a deck of cards made up from the various monsters and creatures from Natural Doctrine‘s world. These cards will have the same skills, equipment and status as those that are found in the single player game. When creating your deck, you will need to take into consideration each card’s size, cost and Pluton amount.


Once you have decided on you deck, you can search for a battle room where you will take on a battle mission. By completing these missions you will earn ‘card points’ which will enable you to acquire more cards. You can buy cards in Bronze, Silver and Gold packs. The higher the pack, the greater the chance of you unlocking a rare card.

You can also play this mode with a friend for some co-op card battling, with each player having a mini-deck at their disposal. Playing with a partner will also gain you a bonus amount of Card Points dependant on your rank.

Releasing in Japan on April 3rd, be sure to check The Vita Lounge regularly for any news on a Western release for Natural Doctrine. Until then, check the gallery below for more screenshots of the card battling mode.

  • Lester Paredes

    Your second and third paragraphs are redundant. I’d edit that. Otherwise, It’s kind of a drag that online is card battling, but I generally don’t play turn based strategy games online. Unless it was Final Fantasy Tactics or Advance Wars or something… I’d play the hell out of that.