It has been revealed that Kadokawa GamesNatural Doctrine, a strategy-based RPG, will be released outside of Japan.

Due to release on PlayStation Vita, PS3 and PS4 in Japan on April 3rd, it has been announced that NIS will publish the game in Western markets.

The game will feature both Cross-Play and Cross-Save functionality across all three versions, and will be available in both physical and digital form when it is released in Autumn 2014 in North America and Europe.

Natural Doctrine places you in a fictional world, where everything revolves around a substance called Pluton. You will need to extract Pluton from below the world’s surface, although this will be no easy feat as a horde of dangerous beasts and monsters will be blocking your path! As you return to the surface, these creatures will follow so it will be down to you to protect the city of Feste from chaos.

The game will also feature an Online Card-Battling mode, which can be played solo or co-op.

For all news on Natural Doctrine as and when it happens, be sure to check The Vita Lounge regularly!

  • dlosnkl

    I thought this was a april fools joke

  • Lester Paredes

    Yay! So pumped! It looks awesome.

  • Umar Jahangir

    The MC’s name ‘Jeff’ has been stuck in my head. Such a very normal name in comparison to other characters.