Popular singer Eir Aoi shows off the first gameplay footage from Hollow Fragment, courtesy of her recent Let’s Play with Dengeki.

The first video starts with a look at the character customization screen, giving us a look at a bunch of different adjustable options for your customized protagonist (of which you’ll apparently be able to choose a name). It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to pick a female gender for your character however, though you can certainly give him feminine hairstyles like the hair Aoi chose in the video below.

The second video shows Aoi’s character roaming the game’s fields with Philia, taking on enemies and using the in-game praise system to compliment her character’s partner after battle.

The third video in the series gives us a look at a stroll around town with Yui (who can’t participate in combat). Aoi’s character tries to hold hands with Yui, but isn’t able to because the mood wasn’t right – a sign that specific conditions must be met for affection.

This attempt at affection continues on with Klein (the male character) as Aoi picks him up, walks around with him, and even exchanges some pillow talk.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is set to release April 24th in Japan.

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