Santa Monica Studio have just taken to the US PlayStation Forum to outline a few changes we can expect from the highly anticipated patch to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The following is not a complete list – they are reluctant to outline everything at this time – but we can expect:

  • Every character’s throw attempts have been standardized to 9 startup frames, 3 active frames, and 18 recovery frames, with the exception of Isaac, Kat, and Ratchet.
  • The minimum effective range of throws has been increased to 1 meter (previously 0.75m) for all characters except Parappa, Sackboy, and Toro.
  • In online matches, jumping out of an opponent’s throw attempt is now resolved through the throw clash system.
  • Every character’s air dodge has been standardized to 27 invincible frames followed by 9 vulnerable frames (previously 29 invincible plus 7 vulnerable).
  • Every character’s directional rolls have been standardized to 18 invincible frames followed by 16 vulnerable frames, with the exception of Fat Princess, Spike, and Zeus.
  • Characters can no longer perform actions for 3 frames after landing from air idle.
  • Characters can no longer double jump during down tech.
  • Landing during down tech or down tech canceled into air dodge now triggers the same recovery as landing during an attack.
  • Getting hit in the air no longer renews a character’s double jump ability.

Are you still playing All-Stars? What do you think of the patch notes, and is there anything you would like to see changed?


  • darkknezz

    Glad to see they are still supporting this