Our favourite breast-infused cooking game gets a few more screenshots for your enjoyment.

Dekamori Senran Kagura get a handful of new screenshots added to its portfolio, showcasing more of the cooking, characters, wardrobe and fan service we’ve all come to expect out of Senran Kagura. A few of the screenshots could be coonsidered not-safe-for-work (NSFW), so gallery clicker beware!

Check them out;

Dekamori Senran Kagura was released March 20th in Japan.

  • Lester Paredes

    Handful of screenshots… I see what you did there…

  • nonscpo

    Nice but I think at this point most fans are more interested in the localization of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus. I get the rythm part of this game what I’m more concerned about is the story, how do you stretch a cooking competition into a major plot?