The enhanced version of Toukiden shows off in a few new screenshots, touting its additions and changes.

Returning to action shortly after the events of the first game, Toukiden Extreme’s new content includes up to two times as many monsters, new enemies, and new boss battles. In addition to the new content, existing content has been tweaked – a prime example of this being the new movements and maneuvers available from enemies present in the original.

Check out the new boss “Imihayahi” in the screens below;

Don’t worry though, it’s not only the monsters and bosses getting upgrades and additions, the players will also be getting their share. New weapons, Mitama, and more will be available to customize your warrior, as well as a new spear-wielding Slayer named Reki joining the fray.

Check out some renders below;

Toukiden Extreme is around 50% complete, and is set to release this year in Japan.

  • Scott Clarkson

    Hopefully it will allow cross-save from toukiden to toukiden extreme

    • nonscpo

      I agree it better otherwise it will be insulting for the consumers that took a leap of faith in this new IP, but I doubt that TecmoKoei would make such a dumb move considering how well it did in Japan; don’t know about the west though.

  • Lester Paredes

    This bothers me… I got Toukiden not that long ago and the pseudo-sequel is already 50% done? What stopped them from putting this in DLC form? DLC that I’d have gladly paid for? At least SOul Sacrifice is getting an overhauled game engine, which probably bars it from being released as DLC. I sure hope it’s the same thing here.

    • nonscpo

      That’s how all monster hunting games are, all of these games get a “G” version or definitive version: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, God Eater Burst, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Ragnorok Odyssey Ace, etc.