Kentaro Motomura, Producer of the series wants it.

Wild Arms is a JRPG series that has had a fair crowd following since the series began back in the days of the PSOne. The series has long been Sony exclusive, and recently Sony acquired the IP to assure this.

In Famitsu magazine, Kentaro Motomura has confirmed he can’t talk about his next game, but he does want to see Wild Arms on the Vita. Having worked previously on Soul Sacrifice, it’s safe to say Kentaro is a good pair of hands. In Japan, a poll in Famitsu put Wild Arms right behind Final Fantasy in the series they want most on Vita, so it could happen.

Would you like to see Wild Arms on our lovely handheld? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Clément Krys

    Woah, I’d really like either a completely new wild arms (preferably in 2D) or a re-release of XF (CrossFire) with an easy-mode or re-balanced gameplay !

  • Lester Paredes

    Definitely. I loved the first Wild Arms. Never got far in the second one because I felt it was incredibly stupid to need to acquire an item in order to kick things… but the others were great! Even if a bit predictable in story.

  • Devin Hudson

    I love this series, so I’d love to see a new game in any form. But needless to say, seeing a new one on my favorite handheld would be awesome.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I’m with @Luthee:disqus Better make it 2D and focus on the storyline, quests script, in-game elements and make this JRPG title interesting. I’m not saying to leave graphics behind, I’m just saying do not sacrifice it all for graphics, that’s definitely what JRPG games are NOT all about.
    If it could really be possible to make it for Sony’s PS4 and Vita, make it cross-buy and cross-save and you’ll have my money.

  • Yuuki

    would be happy about anything!

  • れいか

    I would love a NEW wild arms for the vita! Though, I think this could also spark a re-make instead of a new IP. Whichever.. 🙂 I am welcome to both. If we get a re-make, I go for the first on in the series!