Miles Jacobsen from Sports interactive has just taken to the EU PS Blog to announce details of a new Football Manager Classic 2014 Vita bundle.

We already told you about Football Manager Classic 2014 hitting the Vita next week – and we can’t wait – but for those that wanted to go for this bundle it will be available on the 17th April. Coming with a PCH-2000 Vita and a digital download copy of FMC14 (as well as a 4GB memory card it seems) this could be the perfect time to grab a Vita for the managerial aficionado.

We will bring you more news on pricing as we have it. Anyone else excited for Football Manager Classic? We will have a review for you very soon.

  • aros

    Do you guys have a review copy then?

  • aros

    I guess there is an NDA in place then. Hopefully it’s good as it will undoubtedly help Vita reach a new market.