Soul Sacrifice Delta gets some free new DLC – adding a new boss battle, a new story quest and much more.

As with the original, Soul Sacrifice Delta is getting some amazing free DLC treatment – the first of these updates bringing a new monster in the form of the Succubus, pictured below;

There has also been a new story quest added, revolving around the sorceress Gingalain from the Sanctuary faction – check out some screens below;

Another addition included in the DLC is the blank page; a new quest mode which generates a random sorcerer quest. Looking for a bit of variety after completing the main game? Look no further.

Lastly, players will be able to get new character customization parts (including voices) as in game rewards. Have a look at some of the collectible parts below;

Soul Sacrifice Delta was released March 6th in Japan, and we’re pretty sure it’s coming West – just not quite sure when.

  • José Juan Regalado

    Awesome for give free quality Downloadable content, that’s a very great studio of development!!

  • Lester Paredes

    It’s always nice to see a developer support it’s games. I’m looking forward to Delta, however, I am concerned that all of these hunting games seem to be releasing upgraded versions not very long after their initial release. First Ragnarok, then Soul, now Toukiden… I bet we’ll hear about the Freedom Wars upgrade before we get the game… IF we get the game.

  • nonscpo

    As long as we get Delta ill be happy.