The people spoke, and the team at Sony Santa Monica listened. After scouring through their message boards and going through piles of player feedback, Sony Santa Monica has created a patch that is, as they call it, the “ultimate balance update” for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and is now available for download.

The new update brings over 100 balance adjustments across all the characters as well as general improvements in game play. Thanks to player feedback, each character has been tweaked and balanced so that the update “would not only bring a superior challenge to the game, but also feel heavily impacted by your voice.”

Also included in the update is the unlock to the third costumes for both Zeus and Isaac. If you haven’t purchased these characters yet, they will be available in The Graveyard Pack DLC which will be on sale for the next two week across both North America ($1.99) and Europe (€1.49/£1.19). The Graveyard Pack includes a battle arena stage based on MediEvil’s Graveyard with elements from The Unfinished Swan.

The complete list of every feature change can be found here at Sony Santa Monica’s website. The sheer number of changes is not only ultimate, but epic as well. How epic? So epic that the update has received its own trailer to highlight all the adjustments and improvements.


  • Lester Paredes

    Getting my ass kicked on a daily basis. I used to be pretty good at this game… what happened? lol