Things get a little physical in this new Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment trailer.

We’ve seen Kirito hold hands with his friends, carry them around, and even lay in bed with them; but what we really wanted to see was how he and his friends kick some enemy ass. Well, the time has come as Bandai Namco Games have released a brand new trailer featuring a whole slough of different battles and boss fights. You’ll see Kirito and the gang take on anything from bugs to some sort of dragon, alongside a bunch of other in game clips showing off different aspects of the game and narrative.

Strap yourself in and hit play, this is the most encompassing trailer yet (and over 6 minutes long);

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is set to hit Japan two weeks from today, on April 24th. There is still no word on localization.

  • Delon
    • nonscpo

      Have they specified if the menu and the options will be in English too?

      • I think I remember hearing that Menus will also be in English, but they didn’t state to what extent.

        I am really looking forward to this now. I’m planning on importing the Asian release and have been starting to watch the anime in preparation. I think it will be good as I’ve only watched a few episodes and already see some familiar faces in this video.

  • Luthee

    This game looks pretty good :3