We get a look at some of the substance to the game as quests, loot, and more is explained.

The “Hollow Missions” are quests you’ll be accepting with the explicit reward of special skills, weapons, and more upon completion. Before heading out to take on a Hollow Mission though, you’ll be able to form a party and get ready for the quest. Completing missions in offline mode will advance you through the story, however online missions will simply end by sending you back to your home base.

The material gathering system is another feature of in the Hollow Area. By meeting certain pre-determined conditions, the game will grant you “Hollow Points”, which can be used to buy special skills and equipment to augment your gameplay.

While the tower in Aincrad does have 100 floors, in Hollow Fragment you’ll be starting out on the 76th floor – venturing on the the most dangerous floors of the tower right away. There will be many powerful bosses that will require proper preparation before taking on, and you’ll be able to check out all kinds of information on the bosses right before taking them on. Studying this information will be crucial to your success in most cases, so you’ll have to pay attention to your enemies as well as yourself.

Similar to the show and light novel, there will also be a “Last Attack” feature in which certain weapons can only be obtained by getting in the last hit on bosses. This means that you’ll want to time your last attack perfectly, lest a pesky non-player character ends up stealing your item drop.

As for those looking to pre-order, we get a look at the two bonus items you’ll get for doing so. Those who pre-order digitally will get both the Y shirt and the wedding dress, with first print retail copies only getting the latter.

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released on April 24th in Japan, with still no word (c’mon Bandai Namco, REALLY?) on localization.

  • Darkologia

    Please tell me this is coming to the west

    • Kyle Wakeling

      I wish I could. At this point they haven’t announced a localization, but if they do you’ll be sure to find it here. 😉

      • nonscpo

        Are you guys aware that the Asia version coming out in Taiwan has English text?

        • Kyle Wakeling

          Yes, however that’s only partial English text I hear.

    • nonscpo

      The Taiwanese version is coming out with English text if you want to preorder from PLAYASIA.

      • Darkologia

        Thats good enough, thanks nonscpo

    • YouGusta

      Already confirmed 🙂

  • The more I hear, the more I love. I am really digging the Last Strike Item feature they’re pulling from the anime.

    • nonscpo

      The Asia version coming out in Taiwan will have English text.