The Legend Of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II, a new entry in the long running series which is coming to PS3 and Vita September 25th has revealed some new screenshots. Unfortunately, several entries of this series have yet to be brought over to western audiences so it is very unlikely we will be seeing this great looking game in English for a while. On the upside, while you wait for this title to be localized you can take a look at these screens:

  • Dollow Rlance

    Still looks amazing, I will keep on wanting.


    so much shity jrpg coming to vita in the west this year, we want all LO”H games now!!!

  • Umar Jahangir

    This entry in the series is a big jump for visuals. Glad to see it can now compete up there with Tales of Xillia, Vesperia level visuals.

  • Jack Sanders

    Is this game have anything to do with the trails in the sky psp games