SCEJA has announced that Ore no Skikabane wo Koete Yuke 2 (Over My Dead Body 2 in English) will launch in Japan this July.

A trial version demonstrating the game’s various systems will be released on April 24, with a demo containing the first part of the game being released in early July (game save data transferable to the full version).

The game is set to cost 5,800 yen (~$57 US) for the retail version and 5,184 yen (~$50 US) for the digital download; those so inclined can also grab a first-print limited edition – including a copy of the game, a Vita pouch, a design sticker, a strap, and a cleaning cloth – for 7,800 yen (~$77 US). Pre-ordering will net you a special comic book featuring interviews with game designer Shoji Masuda and other staff members, while first-print buyers will receive a download code for a “Rare God” to use in-game.

Check out the official box art below;


Over My Dead Body 2 is set to release July 17th in Japan.

No word yet on localization, but Shuhei Yoshida sure seems to hope we get it.

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope we do, too!

  • nonscpo

    How was the first game?