Spark Plug Games has revealed that its new endless-style action game MechRunner will be coming to the PlayStation Vita in July of this year.

The game was announced on Kickstarter, where Spark Plug Games are hoping to raise funds to enable them to add some finishing touches to the near-complete game.

Powered by Unity Engine, MechRunner is an endless runner where you pilot a massive robot capable of great destruction that is tasked with tracking down the lethal O.S.O forces. Unlike other endless runners, MechRunner gives you laser cannons, concussion bombs and heat seeking missiles to unleash destruction on the debris littered streets, destroying buildings and enemies that get in your way.

MechRunner will feature three main characters; Jesper, Allison, and General Petrakoff.
MechRunner will feature three main characters; Jesper, Allison, and General Petrakoff.

Playing MechRunner can take anything from a couple of seconds up to a few minutes depending on your skill level. The greater your skill, the longer the game and thus the more rewards you collect and content you unlock. Spark Plug Games also tell us that MechRunner will feature;

  • Meticulously detailed, fast-paced action
  • Switch between Tank and Robot modes on the fly
  • Slice & Dice enemy units with your swords
  • Extensive arsenal of weapons, customizations, and power-ups
  • Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
  • Procedurally generated levels for endless variety
  • Numerous enemy types with different tactics
  • Epic boss battles!
  • Dynamic environment obstacles
  • Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements
  • Rescue civilians for extra points and rewards
  • Amazing Hollywood quality soundtrack

With MechRunner set to release in July, we do not have to wait long to get our hands on this game. If Spark Plug Games do meet their Kickstarter target, and if we receive any more details on this game, we will be sure to let you know. Until then, there are some screenshots of the game in action and a trailer below;

  • Lester Paredes

    I hear ‘runner’ and I’m usually wary, but this one looks to be cool… kind of like an endless shooter with loadout selections.

  • aros

    Autorunner lol. Graphics can’t save that tired and boring genre.

  • nonscpo

    Great another subway surfer but in a Mech, someone’s been watching way too many titanfall commercials

  • Buckybuckster

    If it ends up being more Runner 2 than Temple Run, I’ll give it a shot (A.K.A. more of a platformer that involves running rather than a true endless running game).

    As deceiving as they can be sometimes, it does look nice.


    on the rails. sigh