Apparently motivated by a “playthrough of Persona 4 Golden and Earthbound”, Ackk Studios have decided to make a JRPG.

YIIK sees players take on the role of a NEET (someone not in education, employment or training) that takes to ’90s message boards after an elevator claims the life of a young woman. His quest for answers to why this tragedy has happened leads to more questions as his research points him to a mysterious van the internet has dubbed the Death Cab. This Death Cab roams the streets, but nobody knows who’s driving it or even seems to think it’s a threat – but all that’s about to change.

This is a game that consists of a gripping narrative over top of an expansive world – the world filled with memorable characters and scored by an emotionally moving piece of music. In addition, the game has an area called The Mind Dungeon. This area contains randomly generated dungeons that contain puzzles, story elements, and additional opportunities to gain experience. That’s all on top of the action and platforming elements, bringing us to a culmination that comes quite close to a JRPG.

The combat engine involves using magic to change the conditions of battle. For example, one of the spells (called “Panda-barrier”) allows the player to summon a stuffed panda that will protect the user for four turns. Spells like this are important as the game features enemies that are significantly more powerful than the characters, providing a need to strategize and choose spells that will strengthen the characters or weaken the enemies to level the playing field. Other types of spells include spells that can limit the way the characters attack, heal, increase their health, or temporarily grant them special abilities.

Though no other platforms have been announced, it seems as if it’s locked in for PlayStation Vita at the least.

  • Lester Paredes

    You had me at JRPG, but you made me feverish with desire when you mentioned Persona and Earthbound!

  • aros

    I like modern rpgs

  • Buckybuckster

    Sounds pretty interesting. I hope they can equal the standards set by the games that fostered it’s creation.

    Surely I can’t be the only wondering why it’s called a “death cab” when the vehicle is stated as being a van. Death Van not mysterious enough?