The much anticipated Botzone mode for Guerrilla Cambridge‘s FPS Killzone Mercenary is launching on PlayStation Vita this week!

Available from today in North America and tomorrow for Europe, Botzone delivers an offline multiplayer experience for players to enjoy when there is no internet connection available or who want a bit of practice before diving into the online game.

When you purchase this new mode, the ‘Botzone Soldier Training Pack’, all of the multiplayer maps from the game can be played offline in either Mercenary or Guerrilla Warfare modes – against as many as seven AI soldiers! Once you have made the purchase you will unlock the in-game Botzone menu.

As you will be the game’s host, you can decide how to balance the teams. The new Botzone mode will also see the AI using all of the features seen in Killzone Mercenary, with them being able to make the most of Vanguard usage, zip line navigation, interrogations, rescues, capsule hacking and valour card collection to name but a few.

Also confirmed is that multiplayer trophies can be obtained whilst playing in Botzone mode. So if you are finding any trophies hard to get hold of, here is your chance!


Finally there will also be a title update launching at the same time to fix previously reported collision issues when playing in the multiplayer maps. This will be a mandatory update for anyone wanting to play online and will require 23MB free on your Memory Card to download (549MB if you haven’t downloaded previous updates).

Costing $2.49 in North America and €2.49 in Europe, will you be buying Botzone? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • James Marsh

    I’ll buy it when I put money on PSN next.

    • Charlie Large

      Same for me, probably won’t be for another week or two though. Shame minimum top is £5, puts me off at times for lower priced items.

      • James

        If you have a card on your account you can just credit your account with the price of the content you are buying. I did this the other day.

        • Charlie Large

          Is that in the UK? Everytime I try to buy something with the card that is registed to my account it will always add a minimum of £5 to my PSN balance.

          • James

            I am in Ireland but my account is English as I was living there till recently. I’ve just realised why my account did it though, I had just over £5 in my wallet and it just took the reminder from my card. If what you are purchasing is less then £5 it takes a fiver.

            Sorry for the false hope.

  • Magnumstache

    I really appreciate the support Guerrilla Cambridge have given to this game. Putting a lot of other developers to shame.

    However, I won’t buy this as I wasn’t overly taken with Killzone: Mercenary (a technical marvel, but so-so game). Would definitely have tried it if it was free, but I get why it’s not.


  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I downloaded the 23MB update and the multiplayer/botzone mode is available in-game but the Botzone Soldier Training is nowhere to be found on the PSN. I tried featured stuff, new releases, add-ons, searched for ‘soldier training’ but nothing popped up. What’s going on?

    • Charlie Large

      From what I’m hearing, I don’t think the Store has fully updated yet. It should be there soon for you 🙂

      • MastaMold

        The PS Store is fully updated but no Killzone add on for Vita

        • Kyle Wakeling

          Botzone is going live around 8 PM Pacific.

  • Lester Paredes

    I might just dip in. But I can’t find it in today’s PSN update.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I tought it was free, damn

  • André Rocha

    Honestly I think this should have been in the game from the start so I think charging for it is a bit too much. Come on, it’s an FPS game they knew people would be asking for this and that’s why they left it out so they could charge an extra later. I hate this “policy” that has been taking the industry these days -.-”

  • Kamil Michał Ciura

    Bought it, played it, do not regret it. Great addition to game on portable platform. Single-player contracts were fun while I was playing at home, but portable shooter really needs some kind of quick, bite-sized action.

    Bot AI is good and on a highest difficulty they are a challenge. Guerilla Cambridge did great work on this add-on, even though this botzone mode is a lot more heavy on Vita CPU than multiplayer and singleplayer (none of which have to run with AI so advanced) with 7 bots I experienced only minor slowdowns – nothing game-breaking. AI characters can use all vanguards, but they are a bit too effective with mantis engine. You can be sure it will come at you when you get in what appears to be area in fixed proximity from it – even if you are behind a wall it will know you are there. But you can put this to your advantage and blast it with shotgun when it comes from around the corner.

    Add-on cheap and a mode itself is useful on these long trips without internet connection or on lunch breaks when you are not hungry.

    Imo two things left this game needs are a CTF mode and ad-hoc multiplayer, I hope more patches/DLC will be released!