Conception II releases today in North America, but we’ve got news on the European release windows as well as limited-time free DLC.

If you haven’t yet played through the demo, you may want to go complete it before you start the actual game; along with your save data transferring over, you’ll get a set of free bonus items! That’s worth a little bit of work in my opinion. 😉

If you’re looking for some free DLC you should grab the Disciple Weapon Pack DLC (free for a month only) to get five new weapons for your party. You can also grab two new Monokuma-based quests that will be added in May, the black and white robo-bear from Danganronpa making his appearances for free as well. Other DLC will start rolling out weekly, and you can check on releases under the extras section of the Conception II website.

As for European fans who have been waiting for release date news, here it is; both the demo and the game will be available to you this May. We don’t have an exact date, but we’ll keep you updated as Atlus releases a more specific date.

Check out the brand new full length trailer below;

  • nonscpo

    So wait if you didn’t download the demo you don’t get the free dlc? Oh damm I was wondering why there wasn’t any DLC last night when I played my copy. This sucks I skiped the demo because I planned to play it from start to finish, instead of doing that Atlus should have just rewarded people who preordered the game like me. I swear if I don’t get the Monukuma DLC ill be pissed (especially as I haven’t finnished Dangan Ronpa).