The King of Dragon Pass’ Twitter account has been updated with a rather interesting post for us PlayStation Vita owners, announcing that developer Herocraft will be porting the title to Vita.

Set in the fictional world of Glorantha, King of Dragon Pass follows the lives of one of several barbarian clans who are settling the lands of Dragon Pass. The player controls the seven-member clan ring leading the clan, providing leadership to the clan in all aspects of its life from rituals to diplomacy. To succeed, a player must balance the various needs of survival and prospering, as well as managing the problems presented by the setting or the clan’s individual members.

Check out the announcement tweet and the attached informational picture below;



The PlayStation Vita version has a projected release of Q2 as per the tweet, however we’ll keep you informed as we get new information.


It seems as if they jumped the gun with all the “Porting to PSVita” nonsense; they’re now saying Android first, PlayStation Vita and Windows Phone maybe.

Check out their clarification tweet below;


Disappointed by this correction? Let them know, you never know what’ll happen – we’ve made things happen before.

  • italodance

    I really don’t care about this game it’s better be on mobile phones ,Vita is for bigger games
    Besides I did stop purchasing mobile games since got my vita.

  • aros

    Sounds fairly good, I’ll contact them.